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Well leaving New York is always sad, but being delayed at the airport is not good thing to happen either. The delay was so bad that I had to be re-routed from my original connection in Chicago to go via Dallas to San Antonio. It was a very last-minute thing and good old American Airlines, just rushed me onto that flight and advised my luggage would be taking the trip to Chicago. By this stage I was very weary and probably not thinking as straight as I normally would.

Well my flight to Dallas went pretty well though in the back of mind I was worried about my luggage and when I would be seeing it again. Only had a couple of minutes to make the connecting flight to San Antonio but got there nonetheless. Thankfully I didn’t have to change terminals. It does feel very weird not picking up your checked luggage on arrival but in this case I had no choice as my luggage missed its connection by 6 minutes. 6 lousy minutes! By this stage I received further advice that my luggage would be arriving at 10:45am the next day. I can only hope so as I really wanted or should I say needed a change of clothes and a good shower. luckily the hotel gave me some basic supplies to clean myself up.

As it was a late arrival I just crashed for the night, living in hope my luggage would arrive by 10:45am as advised. Unfortunately this didn’t occur so my day of calling the airline began. Was told various times of 1:45pm, 3pm, 4:30pm and then within the hour. Unfortunately it didn’t arrive by any of those times and I was off the NBA game between San Antonio and Philadelphia in my dirty clothes.

The court at the AT&T Centre

The Spurs Coyote

I had the best time at the game as people who know me, know I am a huge San Antonio fan. The game itself was not the greatest spectacle but being my team I didn’t really care. The atmosphere within was a bit like seeing the Adelaide 36ers at home with music being played during the game. To see my favourite players in Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli in person was just a thrill. The biggest disappointment of the night is that Eva Longoria (Tony Parker’s wife at the time) was not present. Guess I can’t have everything. And yes, San Antonio did win which was awesome.

Tony Parker catching up with David Robinson before the game

Tim Duncan doing what he does best. Patrolling the defensive end of the floor.

After the game, they acknowledged one of their greatest players in David Robinson, who was recently inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. He has to be one of the most classy athletes/people I have ever seen. He was very humble in his speech and knew he couldn’t get where he did without the support of team mates, coaches, family and most importantly the fans. His speech was enough to make me shed a few tears, along with a few other thousands of people.

Other paying tribute to him in Centre court were Sean Elliott (team-mate in the 90s and early 2000s as well as being MC for the evening), George Gervin (The only other San Antonio player in the Hall of Fame), Tim Duncan (current playing legend), Greg Popovich (most successful coach in San Antonio history) and Peter Holt (majority owner of the team).

San Antonio Spurs ‘Royalty’. From left to right – Sean Elliott, David Robinson, George Gervin, Tim Duncan, Gregg Popovich and team owner Peter Holt.

You know you have made a huge contribution to the organisation when your playing number is hanging from the rafters.

All up it was a fantastic night and I felt privileged to see the celebration. Made what was not a great day, so worthwhile. after returning to the hotel, I found my luggage had arrived, about 2 hours after I left, but it was so nice to have my stuff back in my hands and clean clothes to wear in the morning for the flights to Los Angeles via Dallas. Lets hope my luggage follows me this time.