i have been observing a lot lately, and have found the loss of Community and Family when it comes to humans .

The value of a life is less respected and more prone to being wrong. We deny any sort of bad, that someone must have really had a bad past, bad family , or just kill because they say he liked the sound of guns. Why is it that people can’t believe that someone can just be evil.  Smart, genius even but just uses his life for evil rather than good. We look at someone and we have to somehow think something other than evil , rather they are mad, insane, or crazy even, but to think that on the other end of spectrum that someone that is caring, kind considerate would do anything for anyone is seen as being human? Why cant we see bad as evil, at least we know what we are dealing with. We look at a killer for example in Colorado he had a motive and used that to kill so many amazing souls whom were in the wrong place at the wrong time. We say there must be something that snapped in him. Why not that he did it because he is just bad.

The deniability to know that bad people exist shows that there is a truth out there, that we don’t want it or we refuse to believe it.

Now we look at people that have died due to these peoples act of death, the loss of life not only from recent times, but since we are taught that violence is somehow relevant to our species by making War, and TV shows that objectify humans like we do.

Why do people kill, why would they want to. i mean someone that kills a human that  may have had a thought about curing cancers, in conclusion the person that killed that person ends up with the same cancer the guy was studying. See what i am getting at?

A life a person decides to destroy because the guy looked at him funny could have been the person that cured AIDS, now we are behind the cure probably 20 years because someone was peed off with just a look.

In a car accident a lady dies because someone decided to drink way to much, get in their car and hit her while she is on the way to a medical facility because she realised that if she manipulates some gene mutation she could wipe out Malaria.

People think this is just a person, and we feel sorry for them and the family for a little while, then we forget and go on with our day to day lives knowing that one of our family members of the community has perished that could have cured something, or is the person that makes a policy that stops homelessness, or help the workers gain more funds to live above the poverty line .

Someone kills and we have to wait years for someone to have the same idea .

That is what we have to think about, people kill other people and we have to wait.

The irony here is that we are wanting a new life, new ideas to be talked about or actioned on. We want to live in a better society where we can live in a better  environment, have new Government leaders that are not stale but are innovative and inspiring. We had those people around us, they just died, due to random acts of Evil. So we have to wait a while


Just a thought

From Vanessa Mc